Everyone loves a tasty snack, and snacking does serve a few purposes when it is done proportionally. A snack that is nutritious and well-balanced can actually help you stay energized in between different meals. Stress-causing situations can however lead to an unhealthy snacking habit or indulging in stress eating.

How your body responds to stress is to signal a stress hormone, known as cortisol. Cortisol makes the body reset to a flight or fight mode, then your brain receives information that it requires fuel to attack whatever is causing a stress trigger. Hence, you may start craving fatty, salty and sugary foods.

Some find it too easy to locate a store or even in our own kitchen where we can then satisfy these cravings with foods filled with sugar, salt, or fat.

Below are some great suggestions for alternatives of highly nutritious snacks to substitute with when experiencing cravings

  • Cravings for sweets:

We sometimes crave sweet things when we feel our energy levels take a turn. However, the adverse effects are unfavorable because sweets contain a high amount of calories. It becomes counterproductive if you are trying to actually watch or manage your weight. 


When you feel like engaging your cravings with a candy bar, go for a high-protein snack instead, like a protein snack bar. These can satisfy your craving for sweets and also control your hunger.

You can also opt for boiled fruits. The softened form of fruits when boiled gives it a feel and taste similar to a dessert. 

  • Craving a creamy snack

Sometimes, a creamy snack is all you desire, it gives pleasure to engage in consuming creamy snacks but before you delve into that creamy bowl of ice cream, you may want to consider other options.


One great option is yogurt, it gives you the complete richness and smooth treat you desire. To make it even better, it comes in variants that you can experiment with and that will also suit your diet plan if you are on one. You can opt for Greek yogurt which is healthier than regular yogurt and you can go pro by taking unsweetened Greek yogurt or sweetened Greek yogurt according to your need.

  • Craving a crunchy snack

The craving for a crunchy and tasty snack is usually triggered by frustration or stress. Interestingly, chewing and working the gum muscles have a way of relieving stress. 


Roasted nuts are quite satisfying, filling, and crunchy, and they are easy to make. Rather than munching them raw, you can try roasting and adding your favorite seasonings to make it into a delicious snack. You can use any type of nuts you like, just be sure they are about the same size so as to avoid burning 

You can also opt for dried fruits such as Jo’zi Brand’s banana chips and coconut chips, and you can also get a serving of nice crunchy granola.

So you see that you can actually stay away from unhealthy foods even during intense cravings. One thing you want to do is have these healthy food options around, when you fill your refrigerator or cabinet with healthy stuff, then you will eat healthy stuff. 

Try out any of these tips and have a healthy and guilt-free indulgence.

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