Greek yogurt is basically here to stay for a long time. The yogurt itself has always been quite popular, but then, with the versatility and the nutritional advantages of Greek yogurt, it is now a staple in people’s diets. Greek yogurt is generally categorized into two – one is unsweetened Greek yogurt and the other is sweetened Greek yogurt, however, the benefits listed here apply to both of them.

  • Difference Between Regular Yogurt and Greek Yogurt

Both the Greek and regular yogurts are excellent choices, but just in different ways. It is not about whether this one is better than that, or whether you eat either. Both the two yogurts promote and enhance immunity, intestinal health, build stronger bones, etc

  • Greek yogurt is rich in protein

Greek yogurt is definitely very high in protein, meaning that it can help improve one’s fullness. For example, a typical 6 ounce serving of yogurt can contain 15grams to 20 grams, that is the amount present in 2grams to 3grams ounces of lean beef. This makes it practically appealing to those who are vegetarians, and who oftentimes struggle to just get in enough of those nutrients. A similar serving of just regular yogurt, can on the other hand, provide about 9 grams, meaning that you may feel those hunger pangs sooner than later.

  • Less amount of sodium

Consuming too much of salt can just increase one’s blood pressure and also increase long-term heart risks, because of this, people are always on the lookout for ways to limit the levels of sodium in their daily diet. Greek yogurt is said to have 50% less sodium than typical regular yogurt.

  • Fewer carbohydrates 

If you have diabetes or you are counting your carbs, this is important news. Regular yogurts do contain about 15grams to 17grams in each cup, whereas Greek yogurt just contains about 9 grams of carbohydrates. It is advisable to read food labels however and pay attention to the amount of added sweeteners, as this may inadvertently increase carbohydrates.

  • Easy on the stomach 

So because Greek yogurt contains less sugar, it means that it contains less amount of lactose which makes it easier to digest. However it is not totally lactose-free, so if you can take small amounts then this is a superb supplement in comparison to dairy products.

  • Versatility

Similar to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt has this creamy feel and has a rich taste, making it a nice and flexible ingredient. As It can be consumed alone or be used to enhance existing dishes like various dips, pasta, and salads. So many people use yogurt in their smoothies, but it can also be used as a substitute for sour cream and or mayonnaise.

  • Less calcium

If your focus is to get calcium from eating yogurt, then regular yogurt is your best bet as it has a higher concentration considering that some nutrients are lost in the entire process of straining.

It is important to incorporate into your diet the yogurt that best suits your needs. It is more satisfying to know you can as well indulge in cravings with healthier substitutes that will not sabotage your health goals, taking unsweetened Greek yogurt works best for those with strict sugar restrictions. On the other hand, sweetened Greek yogurt still has all its nourishment and tastes a tad bit sweeter than the unsweetened yogurt, the choice is all yours!

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